crunchy chicken

Crunchy Chicken-Gluten free!

  It is a serious challenge to find healthy, appealing and great tasting food for a child allergic to wheat!  You may have noticed that most food contains wheat.  Chicken nuggets, pasta, pizza, commercial french fries, soups, hamburgers (with the … Continue reading

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Gluten free Chicago–Shang-hi Terrace, Peninsula Hotel

    Our family has eaten dinner at the Shang-Hi Terrace dozens of times over the years.  Until recently I always brought gluten free tamari and crunchy chicken–and my son ate a lot of white rice. I did this mainly … Continue reading


gluten free thanksgiving, again!

  fannie may milk chocolate turkeys* Everyone knows Thanksgiving is all about the food!  Stuffing made from awesome day old challah bread, apple, pumpkin and pecan pies -crusts made flaky by using cold butter, sugar and wheat flour.  Of course … Continue reading


new and improved gluten free passover!

tired of the same old…same old for passover?  matzo isn’t exactly a delicacy and it gets very boring-very fast…matzo pizza, matzo PB&J, matzo balls…enough already!  i performed a little unofficial research  and i didn’t find a passover commandment/rule stating that … Continue reading

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Gluten free Thanksgiving!

if you are gluten free, you already know the drill.  thanksgiving is a holiday all about the food!  the stuffing, made from awesome old crusty challah bread.  apple and pecan pie with the flaky buttery floury crust and of course … Continue reading

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Gluten free matzo and passover, again!

Oh yes, it’s coming! Every spring the Jewish holiday of Passover unites Jewish families and friends—traditional foods such as matzo, chicken soup with matzo balls, macaroon cookies and flourless cakes are abundant for the entire holiday which lasts 8 days! … Continue reading

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Gluten free restaurants Chicago-out for dinner with the gluten free boy!

this is always fun! the drill typically goes like this: first, even if you have been there before, call ahead to the restaurant. when the manager on duty isn’t in yet ask for the chef.  after holding for 10 minutes … Continue reading